We present the videoclip of Marea Urdina, fruit of the effort and work of many people. Thank you very much to all and to all those who have believed in this project, without you it would not have been possible. MAREA URDINA DENOK BAIT GARA!


A swim across the coast of Gipuzkoa in favor of Autism

We will swim across the Coast of Gipuzkoa in favor of autism. 5% of the society has some sort of disability and 1% has autism. In Gipuzkoa there 1,500 in such situation and one of them can be your son, daughter, sister, brother or friend.


In order to raise social awareness, we have launched a project called “Marea Urdina” - Blue Tide.


Do you know what all this is about? It entails swimming along the Coast of Gipuzkoa by relays in 2 stages.The 7th and the 8th of July.

Why did we call it “Marea Urdina” - Blue Tide?

  • “Marea” - Tide: because it's a swim and there will be a tide of people

  • Blue: because it's the colour that represents autism

If you like swimming, GO FOR IT!